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WorkInn technical specialists assist you in a wide range of computer sales and support services. Including but not limited to:

Professional iPad services


Have you been told it’s too expensive to repair your cracked iPad screen?  We provide cost effective new screen replacement for iPads. Let us provide you with an estimate.   


Is your important iPad data (picture, audio, document) backed up to the iCloud? We know how important this information is to you and can help you with verification and backup of your personal iPad data.


Do you need virus/security protection for you iPad? Insure your important personnel information is protected by a highly reliable security package when surfing the internet. We can install an Internet Security package for you.

Business computer solutions

WorkInn developes solutions for attorneys, retail, construction, landscaping, real estate, and customer service portals. If you run a small business, we can provide you with all your computer needs, including  hardware, software, and network installation, configuration, or maintenance. We'll configure your system to meet your business needs.

Personal and Apple Computer repair

We have years of experience troubleshooting hardware, software, and network issues. If your computer is not performing properly, we will identify the problem and recommend corrective actions.

Virus correction

In addition to ridding your computer of unwanted viruses and spyware, we can set you up with the appropriate Internet security to prevent future invasions.

Hardware and software sales

Looking to upgrade your existing computer or purchase a new PC? We can walk you through the alphabet soup of options and accessories to ensure your new computer is all you want it to be--at the right price. And we're available locally after the purchase to ensure everything is running properly.

Providing reliable local service since 2002.